House Rules

LakeWire was created as a place for anglers to share ideas, information, and insight on and off the water. We encourage a wide range of ideas, opinions and healthy debate, however Users are expected to respect and protect the rights of others. These House Rules describe specifically what we mean, and in many cases they highlight behaviors that are not accepted within the LakeWire community.

When you sign up for the LakeWire service, you agree to our Terms of Use and to abide by these House Rules. Users that violate the Terms of Use or these House Rules may have messages, images, and other content removed. Continued violations may lead to account deactivation, account deletion, and a ban from creating additional accounts.

Adding Value

When you post a message to LakeWire, or respond to an existing message, your idea should add value. Provide insight into something, share a personal experience that is relevant, offer a different perspective, support the idea with additional data, include a link to a helpful article in another website or fishing forum, etc. The more clear and concise your ideas are, the faster you will gain the respect of others, gain followers, and get discovered in the Sport Fishing world.

Respect other Users and the Community

Disagreement and debate about fishing tips, techniques, strategies, and plans is encouraged within the community. However, whether you agree or disagree with another User's ideas, be respectful and courteous. Remember that LakeWire is a transparent network, and that all messages are visible to the entire community. Be constructive! The following behaviors are not permitted:

  • Attacks and Abuse: You may not send messages that attack, insult, or bully another person on LakeWire.
  • Threats: You may not send messages that threaten a User, the community, or a person outside of the LakeWire community.
  • Stalking: You may not stalk an individual or attempt to collect private information without disclosure.
  • Trolling: You may not post deliberately disruptive messages meant to hijack conversations or throw discussions off-track.
  • Discriminatory Language: You may not send hateful or discriminatory messages regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or political beliefs.
  • Vulgarity: Messages, pictures, Usernames, and other content should not use vulgar words or other forms of profanity. If you are unsure what this means, look up George Carlin's seven dirty words. We think you'll get the picture.
  • Confidential Information: You may not post content that relates to confidential or proprietary business information.

Promoting, Bashing, and Manipulation

LakeWire is a place where members of the Sport Fishing industry share ideas and offer candid responses and perspective. Users are not allowed to exploit the community for personal or company gain. To this end, we encourage all members to disclose their role in the Sport Fishing industry in their public profiles. The following behaviors will not be tolerated:

  • Commercial Solicitation: Sending a message or posting other content with the intent of selling a product or service.
  • LakeWire Competitors: Promoting LakeWire competitors is expressly forbidden.
  • Cheerleading: Sending repeated overly positive or negative messages about a particular product, idea, User, product provider, or service provider without new information that is material to the discussion at hand.
  • False Rumors: Spreading false rumors about any LakeWire Users, fishing professionals, guides, products, services, organizations, or companies in the Sport Fishing industry.
  • Bashing Links: Distributing links to websites known to bash Sport Fishing products or services, or people that participate in the Sport Fishing industry.

Reporting House Rules Violations:

It is not possible for the LakeWire team to monitor every single message or other form of content that gets posted to the service. We need your help keeping the LakeWire community safe, spam-free, and on-topic. If you believe a User is violating these House Rules, please let us know by reporting the User.

  • Reporting a User: Every message displayed on LakeWire contains a tool tip control to the immediate right of the message author's Username. Hovering over this tool tip control displays a tool tip with a 'Report User' button. Simply click this button to report a User for violating the House Rules. For more information on the 'Report User' feature, click here.