Symbols and Shortcuts

A number of symbols and shortcuts are provided to make it easy to navigate the LakeWire service.

Understanding what they mean and how to use them is essential to unlocking the power of the LakeWire service!

Orange Conversation Icon:

The orange conversation icon indicates that a message is part of a conversation! To see all of the replies in a conversation, click the orange icon!

Hover over the orange wire to see how many replies there are and click it to view the conversation:

An orange wire without a number means it's not the initial message, but there could be many replies! Click it!

Create Message Button:

The Create Message Button is located in the right corner of the blue header at the top of every page. But it is only visible when you are Signed In! Click this button any time you want to share an idea with LakeWire community.


The Avatar is one of the most popular shortcuts in the LakeWire service. Click on any Avatar to access the corresponding user's profile, and explore his or her background, social stature, and history of sharing ideas with the LakeWire community.

Usertags are an abbreviated way of identifying other users, and are used in messages to conserve space. Click a usertag in a message to view the user's profile page, and analyze his background, social stastitics, and history of ideas shared on the LakeWire service.



Laketags are an abbreviated way of identifying lake names, and are used in messages to conserve space. Click a laketag in a message to view the corresponding lake wire, the lake map, and detailed weather forecast.

LakeWire owns the domain, and automatically shortens all links included in messages in order to conserve space. Click a short link to access the original long URL!

Weather Icons:

Weather icons are always associated with a lake or laketag. Whenever you see one, click it to see detailed weather for the corresponding lake. And when we say detailed, we mean DETAILED!

Wind Stripes:

The header of each lake wire contains a black laketag block with a green, yellow, or red vertical stripe on the left.

The color of the wind strip is an instant visual indicator of the current wind situation at the lake. Hover over a wind stripe if you need a reminder of what it means.

Winds 0-12 mph
Winds 13-19 mph
Winds 20+ mph

Feedback Button:

Problems? Praises? Ideas? We love hearing from other anglers - help us make the LakeWire Service even better!

For the best support experience: Sign In to LakeWire and click the blue Feedback button in the bottom right corner of a page. Enter a Summary and Description of your issue, and press the Submit button. This simple act ensures that our technical support team gets immediate visibility to your issue, and can respond quickly if needed.

Top Button:

Most users scroll down message wires to analyze recent and historical activity. To return to the top of the message wire quickly, simply click the Top button at the bottom of the page!

Message Wire Filter:

This filter is at the top of every message wire, and contains three options:

  • ALL:  The default - list every message on the wire.
  • IMAGES:  List only the messages that contain images.
  • LINKS:  List only the messages that contain embedded links to other websites and pages.

User Tooltip:

Hover over the caret, or ^ symbol, to the immediate right of the author's username and a tooltip will be be displayed.

Note: The caret is ONLY VISIBLE when you hover over a message! For touch devices, click on a message and then click on the caret.

This feature makes it easy to:

  • Follow or Unfollow a user - without going to his or her profile page.
  • Report a User - for violating the House Rules.

Water Clarity Tags:

LakeWire offers a standard set of predefined water clarity values that we believe accommodate the majority of conditions. Users may attach a water clarity tag to an idea, such that it is displayed with the message is rendered in a message wire.

For a detailed explanation of Water Clarity definitions, click here.

Help Icon:

The black help icon provides contextual help, as opposed to general help. Click it to access information about a specific situation or service feature. Contextual help is currently provided during the Sign Up process and when attaching a water clarity tag to a message.