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LakeWire is a Real-Time Sport Fishing Network

LakeWire is a real-time Sport Fishing Network that was founded on the belief that anglers want to share ideas, information, and insight on and off the water. Since messaging is the dominant form of real-time collaboration in the modern world, it is the foundation upon which the LakeWire service is built. While mapping, weather, and media sharing facilities are important, LakeWire believes they are most useful to anglers in the context of a real conversation that's happening now.

LakeWire's key invention is the concept of a Laketag, or six-character unique abbreviation for a lake. In the US, the first two characters of a Laketag are the state abbreviation, and the next four characters come from the lake name itself. Laketags are always prepended with the hashtag, or # symbol. For example, the Laketag for Lake Austin is #TXAUST.

LakeWire members interact with the community by posting text messages to the Wire. Lakes are referenced by Laketags, and users are referenced by Usernames (@Username). Users can attach fishing related meta-data to their text messages, such as water temperature tags, water clarity tags, fishing report links, images, and videos. This promotes rapid user interaction and results in visually compelling messages that are instantly understood by the community.

LakeWire believes that local knowledge rules. As such, LakeWire offers fishermen the ability to learn from better and more experienced anglers that fish the same lakes they do. Users can follow lakes and users, making it easy to engage in real-time conversations that are organized by lake. Anglers gain social stature and build their reputations via contributions to the community. Join LakeWire today, and become a rock star in the Sport Fishing industry!


Ben Rouse is the founder and CEO of LakeWire, and is an avid sport fisherman with hundreds of trips to premier bass fishing lakes in Texas, Florida, and Georgia. He spends most of his time fishing #TXAUST and #TXFAYT, and prefers to fish at night using UV lights, clear blue fluorescent line, and soft plastics. His favorite structures are road beds, sunken pond dams, boat docks, and hydrilla mats.

Ben is an entrepreneur and software executive who's built companies in the high performance computing, enterprise systems management, virtualization, and data integration domains. His ventures have been acquired by IBM, HP, SolarWinds, and Univa. He built and monitized a product that was used by 5 million people across 211 countries, and is most interested in User Interface Design and Business Model Innovation.

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